The following are a list of available workshops. Please contact us with any questions, to book a workshop, or regarding inquiries on topics you may not see but have interest in! We would be happy to work with you to develop additional workshops that cater to your organization's culture and needs.

The Story Seed

Storytelling is not only one of the oldest communal art forms but also the means by which we are able to connect through the sharing of experiences. When everyone’s story is given equal place at the table, we are able to better understand not only each other and the world around us but ourselves and how we fit into a bigger picture. The Story Seed is designed to provide an inclusive and safer space in which attendees can explore writing and sharing their own story. After an introduction, participants will receive a workbook and be walked through several exercises to help get them thinking about a personal story they would like to focus on. Prompted writing activities will help put each story into words and empower each individual to find their own voice. Once the stories have been written, the workshop will move onto a short series of practices to help give tips and insights into how to present their story well. At the workshop’s conclusion, each of the participants will be given the space to tell their story if they would like to share.

Workshop length: 2 hours

Supports up to 40 people (divided into small groups)

Storytelling Rapport

Storytelling can be a useful tool in not only allowing diverse voices to be heard and understood but also shifting the paradigm in group-focused spaces. The Storytelling Rapport workshop is designed for small groups (or groups that can be divided into small groups) to have a space where each individual can hear and learn something about those around them. Each participant will tell a short, conversational story based on a common theme, after which will be a guided discussion exploring differences and commonalities among participants stories. The goal of this workshop is to allow a space in which established group dynamics are broken down and each individual has the space to share and learn about their peers in order to rebuild the community bond.

Workshop length: 1 hours

Supports up to 30 people (divided into small groups)

Perspectives: Why Your Story Matters

Stories shape our world. Through media, film, news, marketing, and so on, the stories we are given frame how we understand and interact with the world and those around us. However, when only a select few are telling these stories, voices are not only left out but many times misunderstood and misrepresented. This discussion-based workshop focuses on why storytelling is so vital, especially in our current political and social climate, and that each individual’s story matters and deserves to be told. When every single voice has the space to speak their story, we can begin to really come together and understand our common struggles, unique perspectives, and truly build community.

Workshop length: 1.5 hours

Supports up to 40 people (divided into small groups)

Connecting Your Story to the Stage

Everyone has a story and while everyone may not share all of the exact same experiences, we can all watch a scene of someone experiencing a loss or exasperatedly trying to escape an awkward situation and empathize. That’s the power of theatre and art. As a performer and storyteller, you can take this power even further by drawing from your personal story. This workshop will ask participants to connect to different personal stories that invoke specific emotions for them (happiness, loss, jealousy, etc) and share. Then will be an open discussion about the universalities of these experiences and how flexible one can be in its interpretation. Following we will discuss methods and practices of the self-care that becomes vital when engaging with vulnerability on stage.

Workshop length: 1 hours

Supports up to 20 people

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